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IP Portfolio

The Technology of Morphoplant is protected by a broad worldwide patent portfolio comprising more than 40 granted patents.

Patent family




WO 2013/087073

Substrate with a structured surface and methods for the production thereof, and methods for determing the wetting properties thereof


Hyperhydrophilic implant surfaces and quantification of hydrophilicity by imaginary contact angles

WO 1999/26674

Method for immobilizing mediator molecule on inorganic and metal implant material


Ultrahydrophilic implants

Covalent coating of implants with BMP-2/ antibiotics

WO 2008/ 098976

Method for producing implants with an ultrahydrophilic surface


Long term stabilisation and storage of ultrahydrophilic implants

WO 2002/ 009788

Method for producing bioactive implant surfaces


Hydrophobic implants

Non-covalent BMP-2-coating

EP 1880739

Process for the immobilization of proteins on an implant


Binding enhancer molecules for BMP-2-coating

WO 2009/ 056567

Process for producing particles loaded with growth factors, and the particles obtained in this way


High-density solid-phase BMP-2

WO 2008/ 074845

Method for producing a product having a polymer matrix, implants made thereof and use thereof


BMP-2/ antibiotics loaded PDLLA-moulds

WO 2006/ 000209

Polypeptide linked with an organic group


General purpose DOPA affinity-tag for surface coating

WO 1998969/61

Flow through-shear analyzer for biologically active molecules in liquid layers on surfaces


Determination of sorption rate constants without transport limitation

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