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March 2020

Morphoplant receives approval to handle microorganisms of biosafety level 2 (BioStoffV)

March 2018

Salt-coated ultrahydrophilic implants receive CE-certification with the assistance of Morphoplants team

October 2017

Morphoplants hydrophilic surface preservation technology has been successfully implemented in a fully-automatic production unit for the industrial-scale application of this techique

September 2016

Asset purchase agreement between Morphoplant and one of the leading implant companies regarding Morphoplants hydrophilic surface preservation technology

September 2014

Collaboration project between Morphoplant, BirdC and TU Wien has been successfully finished. A GMP-compliant production preocess for BMP-2 has been established

August 2014

Successfull recombinant production of stem cell homing factor SDF-1

May 2014

Bioactive BMP-2 and VEGF have been incorporated into electro-spun PDLLA nano-composites fleeces. These fleeces might mimic the native extracellular matrix of bone tissue, stimulating angiogenesis and osteogenesis

January 2013

Development of an fully automated etching- and dry packaging robot in collaboration with an equipment manufacturer

August 2012

First preclinical in vivo-studies on VEGF and VEGF/ BMP-2 coated bone replacement implants

June 2012

Development of a biocompatible bone glue

October 2011

Morphoplant in collaboration with Bird-C/ Vienna and Technical University Vienna receives grand for the development of a GMP-compliant production process for BMP-2/ VEGF using Bird-C's proprietary bacterial ghost technology

September 2011

BMBF funding of "BioMin" project - Functionalized mineral surface by immobilization of growth stimulating proteins

March 2010

First preclinical in vivo-studies reveal strong stimulation of bone and osteoid ongrowth for ultrahydrophilic and rhBMP-2 coated titan-plasma-sprayed surfaces

May 2009

Morphoplant moves to larger laboratory space at the BioMedizinZentrum Ruhr in Bochum/ Germany

February 2009

First preclinical in vivo-studies in cooperation with SpineWelding AG, Schlieren/ Switzerland proofing rhBMP-2-coated PDLLA/ Algisorb-membranes suitable as drug delivery devices

December 2008

First clinical pilot study using rhBMP-2 coated bone replacement materials

January 2007

First preclinical in vivo-studies demonstrate strongly enhanced bone growth for rhBMP-2 coated phycogenic bone replacement materials using Morphoplants coating technology as well as for foamed rhBMP2/Poly-(D,L)-Lactide moulds

August 2006

First systematic preclinical in vivo-studies corroborating superior effects of Morphoplants ultrahydrophilic and rhBMP-2 coated dental implant SLA-surfaces

Februar 2006

AiF funding of "Boneadapt" project - Production of BMP-2 loaded osteoinductive ceramic bone replacement materials

October 2004

Preclinical in vivo-studies prooving high biological activity of Morphoplants rhBMP-2

June 2004

Morphoplant receives funding within "NRW/ EU Ziel 2-Programm 2000-2006"

May 2003

Moving into research laboratories located at Ruhr-University Bochum

December 2002

Morphoplant was founded as a spin-off of the University Duisburg-Essen